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Find Blocks🔗

Find blocks are needed to find objects like servers, channels, roles, members, users, messages. To find an object there are 2 simple search options: ID and Name. So if you want to find a channel to send a message you can use either the channel ID or the channel name. As output you get an object from which you can query properties. The same process works for servers, roles, members, users or messages. To find out the ID of these, it is enough to activate the developer mode in your Discord settings. You can find it under Settings > Advanced > Developer Mode. After activating it, you will see the new option to copy an ID by right clicking on e.g. Server, Channel or Messages. If you have the possibility to add more information to the search, you should do so. For example, the Find Channel block also gives you the option to raise a server object to find more accurate information and make sure you find the right channel.

Try to use the Find blocks as little as possible, because in most cases it is possible to get the objects with the Info blocks to continue working with them.

Example: (This example also uses a Wait Block, because the Find Block works after the bot start only after about 3 seconds)

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