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Input Lines🔗

Lines are used to pass information from block to block. The lines are Action in green, Object in blue, Lists in yellow, Texts in purple, Numbers in orange, Booleans in red and Undefined/Null in gray. In some cases the line can also be white if the output of the block can output different types.


Used to create a chain of blocks. A chain of blocks forms an entire process. If an action goes into block 1, the action is then passed on to activate block 2. A block cannot work as long as no action is connected. it is important that in a chain of blocks the action should not be split. There must therefore be a single action in a process which activates each block.


Contains a bundle of information that can be retrieved with the info blocks.


Also contains several pieces of information, but in a fixed order.


Pass a text in the form of a string.


Pass a number in the form of an integer.


Pass either the state true or false.

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