Send Message Block

Send Message block

Send Message block is what you will need for your bot to send its messages.

To send messages, first, you will need the Channel. Below are some ways to get channel.

For the same Text channel, where the command got used, you can link it directly to the Command Block's Channel output.

If there is only a Message output, you can use the Get Message Info block and select the option Message Channel.

For a specific channel, you will need a Find Channel block.

This will send it to the channel you want instead.

If you want to send it in DMs, add a Get User Info block and select the option User DM Channel.

And the user will receive a DM from the bot.

To send your message texts, you can add and link a Text block.

If you want to send an embed typed message, add a Create Message Embed block.

For Attachment , you can you'll usually use this for sending images/videos via URL or file path.

This is useful if you don't want the link to show up like this:

Instead you can connect that to Attachment input using a Text Block.

And it would look much better.

If your message is over 2000 characters long. Your message won't be sent.

You need to split the message by adding a Boolean block with the option True/Yes.


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