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Get Started🔗

This is the official documentation of Discord Bot Builder with the help of the community.

What is Discord Bot Builder?🔗

Discord Bot Builder is a piece of software with which you can develop your own Discord bot using a GUI. You can buy it on Steam here.

What is the DBB Discord?🔗

We offer support to the community and the opportunity to meet new people in our Discord. Join it today!

Let's go!🔗

Installing Node.js🔗

In order to allow your bot to run, you will need to install Node.js.

Installing on Windows
  • Click here to download the installer for the LTS version of Node.js.
  • Follow the installer's instructions.

Installing on Windows🔗

Installing on Ubuntu via CLI
  • Copy these commands using the copy button in the top right hand corner of the box and paste them into your command line.
    curl -sL | sudo -E bash -
    sudo apt-get install -y nodejs

Installing on Ubuntu via CLI🔗

Installing on Mac via installer
  • Click here to download the insaller for the LTS version of Node.js.
  • Follow the installer's instructions.

Installing on Mac via installer🔗

Installing on Mac via Terminal
  • Copy this command using the copy button in the top right hand corner of the box and paste them into the terminal window.
    curl "${VERSION:-$(wget -qO- | sed -nE 's|.*>node-(.*)\.pkg</a>.*|\1|p')}.pkg" > "$HOME/Downloads/node-latest.pkg" && sudo installer -store -pkg "$HOME/Downloads/node-latest.pkg" -target "/"

Installing on Mac via Terminal🔗

) If you need any support with installation of Node or your OS isn't listed please feel free to DM me (monksharru#6969) on Discord with your issue.

Create Your First Project🔗

Start DBB. You will be greeted with this screen:

Click on Create New Project. You should now have this screen:

The Bot Folder Name is the name of your project and the name of the folder that will contain your bot. The Bot Folder Path is the directory on your computer where the new folder containing your bot will be created. For example:

The bot will be saved on my desktop in the folder and with the project name 'My First Bot'.

Create a New Bot Account and Set it Up in DBB🔗

Go to the Discord Developer Portal. If you've never made a bot before, you should be shown this screen:

Create a new application and give it a name.

When you've clicked Create App, this should come up:

Go to Bot on the side, and create the bot:

You should now have this screen:

If you want to make it so only you can invite the bot (e.g. if it's a custom bot for your server), just click the slider under Public Bot:


Input it into DBB. Do this by selecting the Bot menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen and selecting Set Bot Token. (you could also do the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Alt+T.) Then paste the token and hit Enter or click OK.

Now you need to invite the bot to your server. Get an invite link by going to the Bot menu in the toolbar at the top of the screen and selecting Generate Invite. (you could also do the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+G.)

Then go to your web browser and paste the invite link there. Choose which server you want to invite the bot to and click Continue.

On the next page, a huge list of permissions will come up. Change them as you wish2. Scroll down to the bottom (there will be some information about your bot) and click Authorize.

Finally, complete the reCAPTCHA, click Verify, and this message should display:

That means you're all set and the bot's now in your server.

Create a Command🔗

To create a new command, click on the green + button next to the search bar at the top of the screen.

Customising Your Workspace🔗

Once you have clicked on the + icon, a new workspace will be created.

You can customise the thumbnail, title and description.

Customising the Thumbnail🔗

To customise the thumbnail of a workspace, hover over the empty grey space on the top right of the screen. Click on it, paste an image URL and hit enter or click OK. Boom! You're done.

Now your workspace looks nice and pretty.

Customising the Title🔗

To customise the title of a workspace, click on My New Workspace and change it. Simple as.

Customising the Description🔗

To customise the description of a workspace, click anywhere on the empty space above the 3 buttons at the bottom. Then type whatever you want. Again, simple as.

Adding Blocks🔗


Without an event, your command will never work! Events are the only blocks that have no "Action Connection" input since they get triggered by the bot itself.

If you right-click on any empty spot in the workspace, the Blocks menu comes up. In the Events tab, there are some blocks so the bot can execute an action. In these docs, I will use the Message Send Event block to execute an action whenever the bot receives a message (either in the server or its DMs).

This is the beginning of your command. The Message Send Event block has an Action Output and a Message Output. If you don't know what this means, DBB is also well documented: whenever you hover over anything, it tells you what it is:

Connecting Blocks and Lines🔗

Lines are one of the most imperative things to your commands. They are the flow of your command and pass along information (e.g. variables) to the next block to execute.

Variable Types

unspecified, undefined, null, object, boolean, number, text, list, date and action.

The line types must match to connect two blocks.

On the Output side of the block, there can be as many connections to one point as you like (except on the action type).

On the Input side of the block, there can always only be one connection per point.

Good to know

Server = Guild

User ≠ Member

A member is a user that is relevant to the guild only. You can execute actions to do with a specific server with a member.

Good to know🔗

Your turn!🔗

Use these docs and the example workspace provided to you to make your own bot!

Do not follow these steps, they are here for archival purposes only

Get Beta (here for archival purposes)🔗

Open Steam and go to your library. Right click on Discord Bot Builder and select Properties.

In the new window, select the Betas tab at the top then in the dropdown menu, select the beta version. If you can't open the dropdown, make sure DBB is closed.

  1. If a user somehow does get access to your bot's token, you can always hit the Regenerate button next to the Copy button. Make sure to replace the bot token in DBB after you've done this! 

  2. You can use this website to customise your bot's invite link.