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Troubleshooting Issues🔗

My DBB doesn't launch!

My DBB doesn't launch!🔗

If your DBB doesn't launch with no error message, follow these steps in order:

Restart Steam

Restart Steam🔗

1) Open Task Manager

Keyboard Shortcut

Hold down Ctrl+Shift+Esc to open Task Manager


Hold down Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the CtrlAltDel menu, then click Task Manager

Start Menu


Taskbar Right Click

2) End Steam

3) Reopen Steam

Start Menu


Hidden Icons

Running Steam as Admin

Running Steam as Admin🔗

Steam may get confused with permissions when launching DBB so you may need to run Steam as admin before launching DBB.

There are two ways of doing this.

Start Menu


Then you will need to press Yes when Windows prompts you.

Verifying Files

Verifying Files🔗


You will need to reinstall all your modded blocks after doing this.

1) Go to DBB in your steam programs list

2) Right click on it and click Properties

3) Click Verify integrity of game files...

4) Press Cancel on the new box that has come up

5) Close the original dialog box

6) Reopen DBB and it should work now