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This is the official documentation of Discord Bot Builder1, created with the help of the community.

What is Discord Bot Builder?
Discord Bot Builder is a piece of software that allows you to develop your own Discord bot using a GUI2, available for purchase on Steam.
What is the DBB Discord Server?
The DBB Discord Server is the official place for support3 as well as sharing community made workspaces4 and blocks5.
If you need any help, please join and make a forum in the designated 'support' channel.

  1. Also Referenced as "DBB" 

  2. Graphical User Interface 

  3. Support is done voluntarily, a member will assist you when they can 

  4. Workspaces are the areas in which you build your bot's logic 

  5. Blocks are the elements that you place and connect to eachother in order to create the desired functionality