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This Section will explain how setup a Modal, and show that to the User and also fetch what the User Inputed into the Modal.

Setup Modal


  • To be able to receive a Modal, a normal Prefix Command is not working, you will need some kind of Interaction.
This can be a Slash command, Button or Select Menu.

After the Interaction [Event] Block we will use the Create Modal Input Field Block to create Text Inputs for the Modal, you can customize these to your liking.

After that, add each Input Field Object to a List that you create using the Create List Block and add them using the Add Item to List Block.

After all that you use the Create and Show Modal Block to finish the Modal and show it to the User.

(Defering or Replying to the Interaction is not needed right now, but later...)


Reacting to the Modal

You just use the Interaction [Event] again, set it to Modal, and enter CustomID of the Modal.

Then use the Get Modal Argument by Name to get both Field Inputs, and use them as you like. In this Example we will add them together using Merge Texts (Advanced).

After that Reply to the Interaction to tell the User that we received the Input!


Testing in Discord