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This Section will Explain how to Create a Message embed, and also send that Embed.

Setup the Workspace

First of all you will need to use the Create Message Embed Block, to create the Embed with the Text that you want to send.
After that you will need to use a block that sends a Message, that may be a Interaction Reply, or just a Message in a Channel.
(Note: If you send a Embed, Text Input is not Needed)

Running in Discord

After you Start your Bot, just run the command you setup and your Embed should appear.

Adding Text from the Command

If you want to get Text from the Command, or combine text from another place, it's really easy.
For that we use the Merge Texts (Advanced) Block.

Editing Embeds

Editing Embeds is a kinda hard Task if you don't know which Blocks you need to use. Here is a still simple example how to do it, safely.
At the Top it shows the Command Example from above and at the end of it, is now added a Control Data Block. This Blocks Saves the Message ID for editing the Embed later.
The Bottom Part shows a !editembed Command where first it gets the Message ID we saved earlier using Get Data, then finds the Message using Find Message(Make sure to connect a Channel), then gets the Embeds and then gets the first one using Get Item from List. You can then edit the Embed using Edit Message Embed(For this Tutorial there was a fixed version, use the best one for you) and then edit the Message using Edit Message(Make sure to connect the Message from the Find Message Block, and not from the Command).
In Discord it looks like this!