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Music Blocks


The Music Player Blocks will probably not work from the start, so we need some dependencies that we need to install.

Run these commands to install the required packages to play Music:

npm i discord-player@latest  
npm i @discord-player/extractor@latest  
npm i mediaplex@latest  
npm i ffmpeg-static (If on Linux, do: apt install ffmpeg)
npm i youtube-ext@latest  
Newest Patch 09/15/2023

The Discord Audio Player Dependency Block now AUTOMATICALLY Installs Updates and removes old not supported packages.

Play Music in Voice Channel

Playing Music is really easy, and doesn't take a lot of Blocks... Here is a Simple Example:


Setup Slash Command Autocomplete

Below is an example of how to enable Auto Complete on a slash command:


A quick follow-up for discord-player v6, if you are getting weird errors like something is not a constructor or version.split is not a function or something similar, please try the following:

Remove node_modules, package-lock.json or any lockfiles you have, run npm cache clean --force or similar command equivalent to your package manager and then run npm install (or the install command of your package manager)