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Error: Used Disallowed Intents

Intents Error

This error occurs when the users forgets to allow the bot to use all Intents on the Discord Developer Portal of your Application/Bot.


Big Error: While installing discordjs/opus

opus Error MSG

This error occurs when the wrong NodeJS Version was installed, make sure you installed v18 and depending on your OS 64x for Windows.

DBB Error: Command failed: node -v

DBB Comand Failed Error

This error occurs when NodeJS was not detected, please make sure you installed NodeJS Correctly! If you already installed it and it still occurs, please resstart your PC.

If you for whatever reason can't restart your PC, there is a Start Bot.bat file in your Project folder that can start the bot!

Any Errors

If any other Error appears always read the error fully, search for the mentioned block and look what you connected to the Block or selected in it...

Final Note

If your problem was not listed here or you have issues fixing it you can always join our Discord Server