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Installing Mods

Installing Mods is pretty Straight forward... Press a Button in DBB, Paste a URL, Wait.. and Done!


You need to Download the blocks from the currently official DBB Block Storage Website.
Download All Blocks Storage Server


As of v1 you can now download and install Modded Blocks in DBB.
For that you go to the Bot Tab and there hover over Import Blocks and then click on Download Blocks,
For Normal Blocks you can use the following URL:!
For v1-Only Blocks you can use the following URL:


These Blocks DO NOT Include the Normal Modded Blocks, only the v1-Only Blocks. These V1 Blocks use the New Features that v1 gives us, only install these Blocks IF you want to test new Features! Workspace Compatibility is NOT guaranteed!!

there you paste the URL from the Download Button at the Top of this Page and then click Download.


Video Tutorial