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Basic Actions

This Page includes some Basic Actions that can be Done in DBB. You can use the ToC(Table of Content) at the right of the Page to navigate this Page.

DM a User

Important Note:

If a User has DMs Blocked then an Error might occur... A Fix that for will come soon hopefully.

So Basically you have two ways to DM a user, Either, connect the Member or User Object to a Send Message Block.

DM User Directly

Or, use a Get Member/User Info Block to get the DM Channel and then use that...

DM User with second Block

Build a Prefix Command

You probably know that mostly all bots used things called Prefix Commands before there were Slash Commands, but now there will be a tutorial how to setup a Prefix Command since many people still don't know how to do it.

Command Event Block Descriptions

Now to build for example that the user needs to add a Argument you can use the Get Message Argument(s) Block. A Check if that Argument exists would also be needed...
If the Block will only have one Argument which contains spaces then you should use the Multiple Arguments Option...

Argument Prefix Command